Sulfate free shampoo – fade fighter?


Leo Bancroft Sulfate Free Shampoo and Beautifully Radiant Conditioner by Tesco.

Since my change to bright red hair, I have been plagued by the dreaded fade… I go from pillarbox red to candy floss pink within two weeks. Which is ok if I fancied being pretty in pink. But I really don’t. I mean, I don’t even own a pastel pink polish, so I can’t co-ordinate hair, nails & lips (which if you read my previous post, you would know I am really hot on at the moment!). Not to mention the fact that weekly re-dying is costly and uber time consuming.  Oh, and sitting with a plastic developer cap on my head in my scruffy ‘hair dyeing’ t-shirt, isn’t my most attractive look…

So, what to do…

I follow all the advice on minimising fade, but have been reading quite a few articles that attribute at least some colour fade to the sulfates in shampoos. Sulfates are in most shampoos and many household cleaning products. That’s the stuff that makes all the lathery suds. Alarm bells rang when I read that these are found in household cleaning products – yeah, really. Their cleaning properties can also strip hair of its natural oils, as well as colour, leaving hair feeling dry, damaged and frizzy.

A quick internet search of sulfate free shampoos made me realise that most come with a fancy price tag, which if you don’t mind paying, is totally cool, but I like to save my pennies. Tesco came to my purse’s rescue though! They have introduced a new range of hair products, endorsed by celebrity stylist, Leo Bancroft, which are all very competitively proced. And the packaging is purple. Squeeeeee!

I picked up Leo Bancroft SulfateFree Shampoo (£2.00 for 250ml) and Leo Bancroft Beautifully Radiant Conditioner for Coloured Hair (£2.66 for 250ml). Available from Tesco Direct (free next day delivery to your local Tesco store)

Putting it into action…

The very first thing I noticed about the shampoo was its lack of fragrance. Yes, it has a slight scent, but not particularly ‘perfume-y’. This may well be down to the fact this product is marketed as gentle. It isn’t unpleasant however, so I shrugged and got on with it.

I have to be honest; this shampoo really does not lather up like I am used to. I know that is due to the lack of sulfates, but man, it did feel really weird washing my hair in this way. It felt like I wasn’t getting my hair squeaky clean.

I followed this with the conditioner, which has a lovely, long-lasting fragrance. It also left my dry hair (because yes, it is bleached and heat treated on an all too regular basis) feeling silky and soft.


The shampoo didn’t leave my hair feeling quite as clean as the sulfate variety. That said, my hair looked perfectly clean, so I think it was more a psychological reaction to the lack of suds. I also tried the shampoo out on my bfs hair last night and it lathered up just fine on him! So maybe the fact that my hair is coloured does stop that somewhat, I’m not sure! Fade wise, it definitely does stop some fade. I get a few extra days before I need to reapply colour, which equates to about three extra washes.

 I think I will stick with this shampoo. Whilst it only gives me a few extra days of colour, I like the fact that I am not putting the same stuff found in washing up liquid on my hair. And did I mention it comes in purple packaging?!? 😉

My hair colour after two washes with sulfate free shampoo.

My hair colour after two washes with sulfate free shampoo.

If you have any other recommendations for sulfate free shampoo, or on ways to fight the dreaded fade, please let me know!

Today’s post was written to a soundtrack provided by Before the Dawn. I recommend checking these guys out 🙂


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